Burning inside

Say there,
Can you help me through?
Can you lift me up?
Give me strength.
Every time I need,
To feel the love?
Shot down!
Can't fight hate with a smile.
It won't take long for me to walk the mile.
The clock says stop.
But it's time to go.
I won't say die.
Until I steal the show.
My life is like a hurricane.
Forgive me for being alive.
I fell down but rose to face the consequence.
Help me,
I'm burning alive.
Lift'em up, rip it out, pound'em.
Everybody jump and shout.
Break the walls down.
God don't like it when your out of control.
I guess, God don't like me!
I'm sorry for scream'in.
But I had to get even.
I feel like I have to stand.
You have to break through the walls.
You have to lift them up and let them fall.
You have to live your life to prove them wrong.
Cause when the death angel calls.
The gods will have it all.
A sacrifice,
For a love.
A lust for life.
Spill the blood.
Cease the fire.
Put down the guns.
Stop the nightmeres!
Give a little, take a little.
Piece of my mind.
Leave the past so far behind.
Cradle the day.
Fly by night.
Give respect.
Turn out the lights!

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